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10 Inspirations to Get You UNSTUCK NOW!

Hey Family:

As entrepreneurs it’s important to know that we are not superheroes.

We don’t have super healing powers.

We can’t fly.

We can’t control the movement of objects with our minds.


Social media perpetuates the belief that successful entrepreneurship is all about waking up when you want, working in your PJs and making 6 figures in 30 minutes. While some of those aspects may be true for one person, it may not be true for you. There are levels to success, and you have to define success for yourself.

After speaking with many of you over the past week, I’ve come to realize that many of you have set unrealistic expectations for yourself and your business based on what other people are doing. You never really know what “they” are doing, or what “they” had to sacrifice to get it. Feelings of disappointment, depression and anxiety begin to creep in as a result. Psychology Today reports that depression is rarely recognized by high-achievers, and as a result, they are less likely to ask for help. Does this sound like you?

Let’s just be real. A lot of the individuals you look up to, are struggling in some way or form. Not that it’s anything to rejoice over, but I want you to understand that it’s natural to feel stuck. What’s not O.K. is staying in those feelings.

Below I’m sharing 10 of my personal inspirations taken from my upcoming release, Bossed Up. I want you to use these quotes to help you get unstuck, and moving forward with intention.

10. Follow the Calling, Not the Crowd (Click to Tweet)
It’s not easy to be unpopular or to have the ones you love constantly question your life’s purpose, but the world remembers those individuals that took risks, who were fearless and formidable.

9. Always Seek Revelation from God (Click to Tweet)
One of the most powerful things you can ask the Lord to do is reveal His will for you in a way you will understand. Even though you can ask God to reveal or confirm anything to you (let’s say a new business idea you want to pursue, but don’t know how or when), the key is to be very specific about what it is you want to know. He cares about the details.

8. Practice Listening (Click to Tweet)
God speaks to us daily, however due to the noise of the world, we often miss it. Find a quiet place during a quiet point in your day to sit still, and wait for the voice of the Lord to speak to you.

7. Get Out of Your Own Way (Click to Tweet)
Sometimes the only thing standing between you and greatness, is you.

6. Live by Possibility (Click to Tweet)
I’ve learned that if we don’t remove the lid of possibility, we can never reach our truest potential. God’s miracles don’t just stop at their occurrence; they continue on to tell a story and to prove His greatness. He specializes in the unexpected.

5. Recognize Your Season (Click to Tweet)
Flowers don’t bloom in the Winter, just like trees don’t shed their leaves in Summer–there is a season for everything. There will be a time when you feel like all you ever face are challenges and you can’t get a break. You know what I believe? God will never give us more than we can handle. So if you’re going through tough times, just know that you were built to get through it. There are life lessons in everything we go through.

4. Fail Fast (Click to Tweet)
I want you to remove everything you’ve ever understood failure to be, because one of the most powerful catalysts for success is failure. The faster you fail, the closer you are to the solution. I know it sounds tough in the moment but believe me when I tell you it’s true.

3. Don’t Despise Small Beginnings (Click to Tweet)
A friend helped me understand the importance of slowing down and celebrating the small wins. Why? They lead to the greater victories and, without them, I wouldn’t accomplish major goals or know how far I’ve come. We all work so hard to make our dreams a reality and we deserve acknowledge ourselves for a job well done. If you don’t take notice of the smaller accomplishments, you may begin to feel like you aren’t getting anywhere. The truth is, everything you do now is a stepping stone to something much greater.

2. Get Healed from Emotional Hurts (Click to Tweet)
Emotional healing is important because, if left unaddressed, those same hurts will resurface in your business. For example, when it’s time for you to promote your business, you will become fearful of hearing the word “No” so you won’t ever ask anyone to buy your product. Or, due to a lack of confidence, you may never feel comfortable putting your services or products out there because you feel you aren’t good enough. These are lies from the pits of hell! God knows your heart, He sees your pain and He wants to heal you, but you have to allow Him.

1. Jesus Take The Wheel! (Click to Tweet)
“Jesus take the wheel”…it’s a popular saying, and at the same time there is so much importance in that phrase. Jesus gives us His shoulders to carry the burden. If He has already “borne our griefs and carried our sorrows…” then there’s not much else left for us to do but trust Him. You might not realize this but worrying is almost as bad as sin because it shows a lack in trusting God, which can lead to carnal actions to deliver ourselves out of problems.

If you never feel stuck, chances are you aren’t really putting yourself out there like you should. Sometimes feeling stuck is the best thing that can happen, because that is where breakthroughs take place!

We all feel stuck at times. If you know someone who is feeling stuck, share this blog post with them. We just never know who might be suffering in silence.